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Welcome to Dyami's Corner

A one-stop shop to get with one of the best player developers in the country.

"Dyami's stuff is legitimately the best I've ever all my years as a coach I've not seen a better player developer"

- College Head Coach

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Our Online Services

Virtual Workouts

Get with Dyami, on your own time, with our two different workouts package options!

Silver & Bronze!

Advanced Analytics Course 

Do terms like +/- , PER, usage rate, and VPS make your
head spin?

Shot Clock Prep

More possessions,
high pressures, increased tempo -- it's coming in college.

With this, you'll be ready.

Film Breakdown

"Dyami's film, workout & IQ talks were catered to what I needed...there is no training like it...(he) was essential to my development"

Gianna Kneepkens - Utah

MN State record points in a game (67) || 2022 Pac-12 FOTY || 2023 Cheryl Miller Finalist 

Image by Denise Jans

Breakdown: Written Document 

Send up to 3 games to Dyami and receive a written breakdown:

  • Area's of improvement

  • Prep for the next level (Travel team, JV, Varsity or College)

  • Assessment of Strengths

Image by jose aljovin

Breakdown: In-Person

Sit and watch your film with Dyami! Receive the same feedback as the written breakdown only with more discussion and details!

*Availability may be extremely limited!

Order Now

Place your order to secure your spot! *Availability is limited. Only 5 athletes/month

Select an item ($)

Thanks for your order! Dyami will be in touch soon!

The limit has been reached this month! Email to be placed on the waiting list or register next month!

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Virtual Workouts

Get with Dyami on your own time with our two workouts package options: silver & bronze

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Shot Clock Prep

More possessions, high pressure, increased tempo…are you prepared for the shot clock next year? Whether you’re a senior looking to prep for college or a high school player looking to get ahead of the curve, this package is for YOU. Dyami will ensure you’re one step ahead with this package, so get ahead of the competition now!

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Dyami’s All-in-one Advanced Package

This is simply a bundle of the “advanced individual + advanced 5v5 + synergy breakdown + shot clock prep packages

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2.png

Parent Handbook

Parents can make or break an athlete’s future, make sure you’re giving your athlete the best chance of success with our easy to use parent guide

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Advanced 5v5 Package

Learn how to apply yourself in games!

The goal is not to become skilled…the goal is apply your skill in a way that helps a team win.

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Synergy/Advanced Analytics Course

Do terms plus/minus, PER, Usage rate, and VPS make your head spin? Are you familiar with them but not sure what they mean? Or maybe you’re ready to use these metrics to improve your game…wherever you are in your career, Dyami’s synergy breakdown & intro to analytics courses will make you a pro on modern basketball concepts, and put you light years ahead of the competition. You don’t have until college to think like a college player!

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Shot Clock

Describe one of your services

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Advanced Individual Package

Take your game above the rest!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get inside the mind of one the most detailed & creative player developers in the country. If you want to be the best, then you need to be trained by the best!

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Highlight Tape Creation

Do you know how long the average coach watches a highlight tape? Do you know what a good rate of clicks-to-full playbacks is? Dyami’s got you covered. Whether it’s for fun or recruiting, every athlete deserves to showcase their best attributes, all you need is a compatible video format and presto, you will have a no-nonsense, fun, attention-gripping tape!


College Prep

College Prep Package

**Approved by coaches nationwide**

Maximize your potential!

Experience Dyami's patented NT & AA evaluation (Natural Traits & Attainable Abilities) and give yourself the BEST chance to play CBB!

Get inside the head of college coaches...Find out why certain players earn scholarships...and put together your personal college development plan!


Real feedback. Real results. Claim your spot NOW!

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Personal Evaluation

Personal Evaluation

Coming Soon!

AAU Rundown

AAU Rundown

New to AAU?

Unsure of the benefits?

Want more info on Minn Starks?

Schedule a 1:1 meeting with Dyami to have all you questions answered!

Get Me Recruited!

Recruiting Consultation

**Popular Demand**

Let all your stresses & worries go! Schedule a zoom meeting with Dyami and put your athlete in the best position to be recruited!

  • Get to know the differences between D1, D2, D3, Juco & NAIA

  • Stay up to date on the ever-changing NCAA rules & guidelines

  • Find out what REALLY matters when it comes to recruiting


Dyami's Journey

Duluth Born & Raised | D1 Basketball at Bryant University | Professional Basketball Player | Founder of Starks Academy

Dyami taught me basically everything I know...we work on skills, but he always has us working on decision making and reads so we aren't robots...

Chloe Johnson - Duluth Marshall 

#1 Ranked 2028 in the Nation

Chloe Minn Starks uniform_edited.jpg
"Starks isn't about learning skills and fancy moves, it really is about understanding the game. Dyami breaks everything down and makes sure we understand the purpose"

Tieryn Plasch - NW HS || Bemidji State Commit

Three time all-area player || NW's all time leader in scoring & assists

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