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Mission Statement

The Northland Youth Basketball Alliance (NYBA) is a non-profit (MN 501(c)(3) entity committed to helping Northland Youth develop positive life skills and health practices through the lens of basketball competence and team development.  


Starks Academy, operating under the umbrella of the NYBA, is committed to empowering young athletes by utilizing the rigors of athletic competition.  The goal of Starks Academy is to improve athletic performance while teaching important life skills such as self-discipline, relationship building, community involvement, attention to detail, commitment, sportsmanship and integrity. 


Starks Academy cultivates a safe and disciplined environment where each athlete will reach their full potential in basketball, but more importantly, in life.



Goals and Objectives

The NYBA is committed to developing healthy children in our communities through basketball training, mentorship and supportive coaching.  The NYBA is committed to developing strong relationships within the community and seeks collaboration with like-minded organizations.


The NYBA will build capacity among Northland Youth through activities and events designed to help participants gain confidence, improve physical health, develop communication skills, respect authority, create cohesiveness, value hard work, appreciate teamwork, and value diversity and community involvement.

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