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"Dyami has helped me grow not only on the court, but as a person.  Before training with Dyami, I had several coaches who helped me with my basketball skills.  Dyami is so different.  He doesn't only care about my hoop skills, he cares about my mental focus, my contribution to society and my future.  Without Dyami, I'd be less of a ball player and less of a person."


“I had big dreams to play college ball.  When I hit the court this winter, I'll be ready.  Dyami has kept me sharp in the off season and has helped me refine my skills.  With help from Starks Academy, I've taken my game to the next level."

Chloe-Age 8

“I like playing basketball wtih Dyami.  He is nice to me and when I do things wrong, he helps me get better.  I think that Dyami is the best coach.”


“I am just really glad I found Starks Academy.  Growing up in Duluth, there hasn't been many elite training opportunities for me.  I am excited to see where this training brings me.  I've never worked so hard in my life, thanks to Dyami."

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