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Mike Carlson's Film Room

  • 8 year Professional basketball Player  (GBC - Spain)

  • All-American (Truman State)

  • Duluth Native

Breakdowns | Feedback | Teaching

From a PRO

How It Works

Video Editing

60-90 min film review

Athletes provide Mike with game film, which is then reviewed, broken down and sent back, providing the athlete with immediate details to work on in games.

Video Editing

Written Document/Outline

Mike will provide athletes with a written overview of the things that were broken down in the film along with additional ideas to work on long-term.


Follow up & Collaboration

Mike will provide a written report of his breakdown and takeaways to the athlete's trainer for implementation in workouts.

**Dyami will be the contact for Starks Athletes 

mike game shot.jpg
Jack Silgen

St. Scholastica

Mike's attention to detail is second to none. He helped me become a much better player in several areas that could be applied to the court immediately without needing additional strength or skill.

Dyami Starks

Director of Starks Academy

Listen, there's no better example of basketball excellence than Mikey. This guy was a scrawny, soft-spoken little kid in high school, became a walk-on (no scholarship offers), and got his first job in a low league in Australia - that he had to pay his own way for! Through thousands of hours of hardwork & studying he made himself into an elite pro, and is now playing in the second best league in the want to get better, let this man break down your game.

mike pic.jpg
Vid Milenkovic

Professional | Sweden (Starwigs Basketball)

Analyzing my games and talking hoops with Mike in a detailed manner helped me to immediately address weaknesses in my game. I can feel the improvement over our sessions and I learn something new everytime we talk. I feel very fortunate to have this connection.

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Basketball Court

Over my professional career, often times the most practical and helpful advice I have gotten has come from other players. We are trying to defend a certain action or looking for areas to attack and having discussions about it leads to some great ideas when we get out on the floor. These talks and thousands of hours of watching film are what put me in a unique position to talk hoops with younger players. I do not see the game through the lens of a coach or a trainer, but with a player's eyes and with a player's mind. This gives me a practical and detailed perspective. - Mike Carlson

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