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2022 Starks Elite Rosters


Frequently Asked AAU Questions

What level AAU do you offer?

New! in 2023 Starks Academy will offer spring basketball options for every age and ability.  Our new "Academy" program, with a focus on development, allows you to decide what type of commitment your child and family can make.  We welcome all basketball players, regardless of experience, to come to tryouts.  Teams will be assembled based on ability, and we expect to have something for everyone.

Where do you practice?

A majority of our teams will practice in the Duluth/Superior area.  Although we will have a few satellite teams/locations available.  


Can I play if I live a few hours away?

YES! We encourage athletes from all over Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota to tryout.  Because we teach all of our teams the same concepts and skills, athletes may have the option to attend practices at satellite locations closer to their homes.  All concepts and skills allow success within our program and at the collegiate level.  

How many practices take place each week?

Academy Teams will practice 1 to 2 days a week.  Younger teams can expect practice one day a week and teams 13U and up will likely practice 2 days a week on non-tournament weeks.  If your team has a tournament, you will practice 1 time that week.

Elite teams will practice 2-4 times per week.

How long is the season?

Academy Teams will begin practice in late March or early April.  The season will conclude no later than the second weekend in June.  Younger teams (10U-12U) could wrap up in May.

Elite teams will play from late March until the end of July.

How many tournaments do the teams play in?

10U (4th Grade) and 11U (5th Grade) will play in 4 Minnesota Tournaments.

All other Academy Teams will play in 5-6 Minnesota Tournaments.

Elite teams will play in 8-10 tournaments with about half being in Minnesota.


How do you form teams? 

Academy Teams are filled during tryouts.  A few spots on these teams will be filled by invitation, but most team members are determined at tryouts. Teams will only be formed if there is enough interest at each age group/ability level.  If there is enough interest or varying abilities, we may decide to have two teams in some age groups.  

Elite teams are formed both at tryouts and through personal invitation as determined by the Coach and Program Director. Not all athletes on these teams will be at tryouts.

Where do the tournaments take place?

Academy Teams will play tournaments exclusively in Minnesota.  Younger teams (10U through 12U) can expect mostly one day tournaments, with one overnight tournament to end the season.

Elite teams will play in Minnesota and other locations across the nation.  In the past we have played in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kansas City.  Each team schedule will be determined based on the roster and what would most benefit the specific athletes on the team.

How much will the season cost? 

Fees will be determined after the teams are made.  However, you can expect that Academy teams will range from $525 to $800/player. Fees cover uniform, backpack, coaching and tournaments.  Fees do not include travel, hotels, meals or other equipment expenses.  Half down is required to accept your spot on the team.  Fees must be paid in full no later than January 1, 2023.  Invoices are sent via email shortly after teams are made.

Elite team fees will be determined closer to the start of the season and are dependent on tournament schedules.  Plan to pay a $500 deposit shortly after tryouts to accept your spot on the roster.  

Fundraising is encouraged, but not required.  Individual teams may decide to participate in fundraisers to minimize cost.


Contact us at and we'd be happy to help!

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